Month: September 2008

The Future of Education

My First Long Blog Entry I’ve been writing down a few topics in draft form and adding to them as I have time.  That may be good news or bad news depending on if you like to read long posts.  Please know with all blog posts that my ideas are just that, ideas.  Society tends… Read more »

Rolloff Farm Pictures 2008

My parents, brother-In-Law Mike, my cousin Evan and sister Jennifer went to the Rolloff farm in Oregon today and my dad just sent the pictures.  If you are not familiar with the Rolloff’s, they are from the TV show Little People Big World.

The Great Gadzoni

My dad emailed me this story so I Google’d his name hoping it was true but it doesn’t look like it is. Great story though, it can be applied to several things in life. Several years ago the Great Gadzoni had just completed a challenging tightrope walk across Niagra Falls. The wind was howling and… Read more »