Month: October 2008

Kevin Rose Inc. Magazine Cover

I am at the airport in Phoenix and made a point to stop by the newstand because Kevin Rose is on the cover of Inc. Magazine this month.  The wireless connection is free and compared to what we have been dealing with at the hotel for the past week it is so great to have… Read more »

CMMA Conference Pictures

John Forte from Cummins was taking pictures during the event and was nice enough to gave me a copy of a few he took while Jody and I were presenting the new website.

F1 Race Factory

I have been at a CMMA event since Sunday and am coming home this morning.  On Wednesday they ended the sessions early in the afternoon to let attendees go out and network with others since we started the conference on a Sunday.  Many attendees went golfing but since I don’t golf I was invited to… Read more »