Month: January 2009

James O’Neal Story

Safeway started a YouTube channel, check it out.  This is a great story.

Dilbert: Moo

Speaking of which, did you see that Fortune released their 2009 list of best places to work?  I can’t believe Google got knocked out of first place!


Psst…you wanna know a secret?  Only a few people know this but as long as I can remember my favorite time is 10:10.  For whatever reason when I notice the time I find it is 10:10.  It doesn’t matter if it is a picture of a watch in a magazine, a clock on my nightstand,… Read more »

“Resolutions for Couples”

I was cleaning up the house over the weekend and found a piece of paper taped to the back of a picture which I think was given to us during pre-marriage counseling with the church we were going to.  Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary so it is especially timely.  For those of you getting… Read more »