Preikestolen – The “Rock Pulpit”

My friend Lee sent me another good item.  It was a PowerPoint show but since some people don’t have PowerPoint, here it is in PDF format.  Isn’t that one rock stuck between two mountains what the “Where the Hell is Matt” guy danced on in one of the scenes of his video?

Near Stavanger in Norway there is a mysterious rock that rises 600 meters above the fjord Lysefjorden and to get there is not a climber’s dream!  The Preikestolen (literally “Rock Pulpit” is perhaps the most famous attraction in Stravanger. Once you’ve arrived at the parking lot at an elevation of about 270 meters, you’re at the beginning of the trail that leads to the summit of the rock terrace from which in a little less than two hours and another 600 meters you will get to the peak of the fjord.  To say that you’ll enjoy a breath taking view is a no brainer!  However be sure you are properly equipped to go on even though the trail is well tracked, good trekking shoes are strongly advised.  You have to be in good physical condition!

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