Month: September 2009

Cyclist High Five

A pretty funny video of a guy on a bike high fiving people trying to get a taxi.

Hollywood Homes Tour

Here is an edited version of the Hollywood homes tour from last weekend. It took me a while to edit down the tour from two hours to 32 minutes but I’ll save you $40 and an hour and a half.  It was a total blast and I loved it!  Here is a list of what we saw and what is included in the video in order: Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd., Screen Actor’s Guild, Caryn’s Limited, (one of Elvis Presley’s favorite places to eat), The Comedy Store (owned by Pauly Shore), the Original House of Blues, Mel’s Drive in (featured in American Graffiti and the opening scene of Entourage), The Viper Room, The Whiskey a Go Go (famous music venue and was inducted into the Music Hall of Fame), The Roxy, The Rainbow Bar and Grill (Joe Dimaggio and Marlyn Monroe had their first date), Key Club (featured in Night at the Roxbury, Home Featured in Father of the Bride, the home featured in Halloween, Bob Barker’s home, the Beverly Hills sign, The Magic Castle, The Sierra Tower where Sideny Poitier and Cher live and where Elton John owns the Penthouse, the gates from The Bodyguard movie, Batman films, Bruce Wayne’s house, The Big Lebowski, Greystone Manner (public park), The Osbourne’s Home (now Christina Agulera livers there), Tom Cruise and Katie Homes house, Frank Sinatra’s home, Beverly Hills, Dr. Phil’s home, George Marciano (Guess), Sunny and Cher, Agnes Moorhead (Bewitched) home, Madonna’s home, George Cloony’s home, Lucile Ball’s home, Jimmy Stewart’s home, Hoppi Hills, Elvis Presley’s Home before Graceland, Michael Jackson’s home he was renting for $300,000 a month and died in, Playboy Mansion, Spelling Mansion (most expensive home in the US a 55,000 sq ft mansion, hundreds of rooms), Bel-Air, Nancy Regan’s home, Alfred Hitchcock’s home, Jonas Brothers home, J-Lo and Marc Anthony’s home, Diane Keaton’s home, Billy Bob Thorton’s home, Lana Turner’s home, and last but not least Rodeo Drive.

Laura and Skyler’s Wedding

OK so I lied, my next post isn’t about the Hollywood homes tour.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from Laura and Skyler’s wedding.  There were so many pictures don’t feel offended if you didn’t make the cut.  I just went through and grabbed some good ones I liked via a once through.  Jill and Pat I liked your picture together as well.  You should consider yourself lucky if your picture isn’t exploited on my site.  Congratulations Laura and Skyler!


Sunday was Laura’s wedding so we decided to head down early and have some well deserved fun.  The drive down from the Bay Area on Friday was long and we ran into Friday LA traffic but it wasn’t too bad.  Friday night we ate at Javier’s Cantina & Grill at The Spectrum in Irvine, CA which was probably the nicest Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to.  After dinner we saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in IMAX 3D which I would recommend but just know it isn’t Pixar quality but was still fun.

On Saturday we went to Hollywood to play tourist which was a ton of fun!  Since it was going to be really hot we decided we would hike up to the Hollywood sign in the morning.  The drive up to the sign turned out to be half the battle because you wind up through multi-million dollar homes via one lane streets and it feels like you are going straight up the hill.  I finally opted to park and it turned out to be a block or two from the top of where the street ends which was great.

After the pavement ends the road turns into a gated dirt road but we found out you can get past the gates warning you that hiking to the Hollywood sign is illegal (I think that is what it said) because there were some guys who showed us another entrance to get up to the sign.  Turns out the hike is a few miles and most of it was a switchback straight up the hill and it was pretty hot out so the water we bought after filling up for gas came in very handy (my co-hiker was a trooper).  The trail splits so you can decide to go to the observatory or the Hollywood sign and we obviously opted to go up to the sign.  The awesome thing about the hike is it takes you behind the sign itself so as you can see we not only were able to get some nice shots from behind the sign but also above it.  After the hike we went to downtown Hollywood and I’ll fill you in on those details in my next post.

A Dog’s Unending Loyalty

Ella, a Rottweiler, was in a car crash and scavenged for food on the highway for weeks. Ella was reunited with her family but as Steve Hartman tells us, the story doesn’t end there.