Import Your LinkedIn Connections into Gmail’s Address Book


I have been getting all of my contacts updated in my Gmail Address Book.  Last week I synced my Facebook contacts with Gmail and this week I learned LinkedIn has an address book exporter.

If you want to import your LinkedIn contacts with Gmail, here are the steps:

    1. Sign into
    2. Go to the address book exporter
    3. Export all of your contacts to a .csv file
    4. Open the CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet editor (Excel, OpenOffice etc)
    5. Delete any rows you don’t care about, or data that doesn’t exist in your Gmail address book
    6. Put a header row at the top of your spreadsheet to tell Gmail what each column of data represents.  For instance if “John” is in the column name that column “First Name”.


    1. Save your spreadsheet somewhere handy like your desktop
    2. Open your gmail contacts and click the import link (top right-hand corner of the screen)


  1. The rest is pretty intuitive so I’ll leave that up to you.  If you have any problems let me know.

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