Lawn Chair Baloonist

Ore. Man Uses Balloons and a Lawn Chair to Fly

With a green lawn chair supported by a rainbow array of more than 150 helium-filled party balloons, Kent Couch took off Saturday in a third bid to fly from central Oregon all the way to Idaho.  Kent traveled from the Oregon desert to a field in Idaho.  Couch took along a few supplies for the 9 hour journey including a parachute, a couple of GPS devices, a B-B gun, and a book.  Couch made his first attempt in 2006 but he had to come down with a parachute before the trip was complete.  Last year he flew 193 miles which was just short of his goal.  This was the first time he made it out of state.  So exactly how did Couch make his landing in Idaho?  He used his trusty B-B gun to shoot some of the balloons.

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