Month: December 2009

2010 Resolutions

OK I didn’t even come close to hitting some of my 2009 resolutions but it was still a great year. I think I am going to keep things shorter this year. Some of my 2009 resolutions continue to be my 2010 resolutions: By the end of the year be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups…. Read more »

Article from the New Yorker on John Mackey

The New Yorker has a long article on Mackey which was a very good read.  Since it is so long I’ve summarized what I found interesting from it below.  I’m terrible at summarizing and in college never got into highlighting my textbooks.  When reading I either found it all really interesting or all really dull… Read more »

The Wisdom of Crowds

I haven’t had a chance to read Wisdom of Crowds yet by James Surowiecki but an article in was very interesting.  It shows that collectively a crowd/group’s mind is better than your own when trying to solve a problem or answer a question.  Check this out… “In 2007, Michael Mauboussin presented a big jar of jelly… Read more »

Renewing American Leadership

In a recent article in Jeff Immelt talks about renewing American leadership.  What he has to say makes a lot of sense.  American business leaders need to wake up from their slumber. Summary Link to full speech “We need a new strategy for this economy. We should clear away any arrogance, false assumptions, or… Read more »


From the video: “The color helps us to accept diversity and understand that we are all different. We live in America and Randy just sets that tone. Randy just sort of gave us that opportunity to be your own self.”  From “North Side resident Randy Gilson spent 25 years revitalizing a section of the… Read more »