Month: July 2010

Taking Dinosaurs For A Walk

Two dinosaurs being taking for a walk in Australia, a promo for the “Walking With Dinosaurs” world tour (via @laughingSquid).

New Porsche Spider

“Porsche’s Spyder will allow drivers to use several fueling modes including E-Drive, Hybrid, Sport Hybrid and Race Hybrid. E-Drive mode switches on the vehicle’s electric engine which can run for about 16 miles. Amazingly, the car’s top speed is 198 miles per hour. Of course all this eco-friendliness will come at a very wallet-unfriendly price–a… Read more »

Don’t Be Possessed By Possessions

“If you think of yourself as the woman in the Cartier watch and the Hermes scarf, a house fire will destroy not only your possessions but your self.” – Linda Henley, American consultant and motivational speaker