Month: August 2010

YouTube Video Streaming Speed

Didn’t know YouTube is keeping track of my video streaming speeds.  If you want to see what your speed is and how it compares to mine (above) you can do so via

Why Can’t Batman Fly?

For anyone who doesn’t use Twitter you may not have seen this but I thought what Tyler was asking was pretty logical.  @BiggerMarbles pointed out others have wondered the same thing and below is a good answer which explains why Batman can’t fly.

Creating A Loved Brand By Telling A Story: Tether

Stanley Hainsworth has been creative director at Nike, Lego, and Starbucks—all brands that have become iconic through good design. He just finished designing the new Gatorade bottle, too. Hainsworth clearly has a remarkable eye for style, but he insists that the key to creating a brand that attracts fans, that people love, is telling the… Read more »

This Lady Isn’t A Fan Of Cats

What is wrong with people?  Why would someone take a cat they find on the street and put it in a garbage can (caught on CC TV)?

Sutherlin, OR McDonald’s

On our way back from visiting Portland we stopped at the Sutherlin, OR McDonald’s for a potty break.  Tyler and I conquered every playground on our way back.  You haven’t lived (or broken the playground rules) until you’re 6′ 2″ and crawl through the playplace.  By the way, I would recommend more parents crawl through… Read more »