Month: June 2011

First Sign You’ve Been On Your Computer Too Much

This morning people told me “wow your eye is really red”.  I didn’t have a mirror near by so I used my camera phone.  Yep, eye has turned to fire…epic geek awesomeness!  Or epic fail.  Not sure.  ;)  OK or sign you need to go get your prescription checked with the eye doctor.

Sonoma, CA

Christina and I had a great day in Sonoma, CA this afternoon.  We ate outside at a great Thai restaurant and I honestly had the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had at Rhin’s Thai.  We walked through the shops, got some ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s andwalked through the park to finish our tour… Read more »

How To Fast Forward Your Goals

I read this June Inc. Magazine article last weekend and wanted to share it with all of you.  I love sharing so this article obviously resonated with me and I hope it does with you as well.  The article is quite long so I tried to reduce it to just the “meaty parts” but as… Read more »

My CMMA Newsletter Writeup

White Water Ahead! Navigating the Speed of Change Q: What white water do you see ahead for you and your team? And how will you navigate through it? A: I was watching Deadliest Catch last night, yes I like that show, and one of the captains was encountering 20-30 foot waves due to a massive… Read more »