Month: July 2011

Tyler And Jeremy Goofing Around

Christina Reading To The Kids

Love this picture from today.  By the way Tyler got his first smooch from the girls today.  That’s my boy…no heart breaking in years to come though.  ;)

Jeremy’s Blast From The Past #1

Lana had some pictures she inadvertently took a few years ago and she was of course nice enough to give them back last week once she discovered them.  I decided to put them up as I have time so expect more in the coming weeks.  Did you know I used to be crazy about baseball and even more crazy about baseball card collecting?  When I was about 10 or 11 I used to sort baseball cards for a guy who owned a baseball card shop in town.  He evidently liked me and took me under his wing to teach me the business with his son (the one putting me in a headlock at a baseball card convention).

To this day I have lots and lots of cards I don’t plan to ever sell, they will probably get passed on to my son or sons some day.  I could sell them for a few grand but the memories and hard work as a kid can’t ever be bought so I plan on holding onto them.   Oh and if you look at the bottom left hand corner of the picture you’ll see a Jose Canseco framed poster.  At the conference Jose and his brother Ossie Canseco did a signing session so I got their autograph and the poster hung in my room as a kid and my man cave until recently.  It is one of my few prized possessions I’ll again never sell and isn’t probably worth much but the memories are priceless.  When other kids were out enjoying their summers I was working in a baseball card shop in the back or sorting them from home.  I absolutely loved it…