Month: October 2011

Tyler and Evan Wedding Suits

Listen to the first 10 seconds of the video. “This is not a jungle gym, what are you thinking?”. Haha!

The Grand Canyon

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Christina and I decided to go hiking today in Sedona.  The Devil’s Bridge Trail was probably the most fun hike I’ve ever been on.  Toward the end of the trail it gets very steep and you find yourself literally crawling and climbing up rocks like a ladder for a hundred or so feet which was so much fun.  I didn’t have enough guts, (or I had enough sense) to not to go onto the “bridge” but as we went back down the trail we could see someone went across it.  If you ever are in Sedona and get the chance, it was my favorite hike so far.  Tomorrow we’re going to the Grand Canyon! By the way, I went onto YouTube to see what videos were out there of people going across the bridge and sure enough there are lots of people crazy enough to do it!

Bell Rock