Email: My Lessons Learned?

I decided to start using a Mac at work, one of the very few to do so where I work and rumor has it the first outside of IT (besides one department who has been using them for years).  I’m still learning how to get everything working on the Mac, I’ll probably have a few upcoming posts on that topic.  What I wanted to talk about tonight though is email.  Because I got a new laptop it gave me a chance to start fresh.  Start the new year with a clean slate.

Here is how I’m planning to manage email with my new life on a Mac:

  • I no longer have Personal Files (PST).  Once my trash/sent mail fills up, I empty/remove it.
  • If people choose to send me files via email I store them in project folders.  Still not the best way to manage static files but I have future plans for better managing them.  For now, they reside in project folders on my hard drive.
  • I read the email and try whenever possible to only touch it once.

I’ve realized there are 7 primary uses of email I’ve found:

  • File transfer (NO!!!!)
  • Task assignments (unless you have a task or project management system…NO!!!!)
  • Finding out who can help, locating expertise (unless you have an expertise locater…OK)
  • Calendar/meeting appointments (for now…OK)
  • Corresponding with external partners (for now…OK)
  • Correspondence chain AKA my “CYA” (I say NO to this one but am on the fence for how to best handle this)
  • Conversations (for now…OK)

What did I miss?  What email best practices are you using?

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