Month: May 2012

San Ramon Art & Wind Festival

Went to the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival yesterday.  I didn’t see much art but we loved the wind.  Note to self: next year, bring a “real” kite instead of making the free one and bring allergy medication.

Maui For The Day

We landed on Maui around 9am and I got talked into getting a Jeep by the car rental agent.  Normally you can’t talk me into anything that isn’t already in my mind too easily so I was either really wanting the Jeep anyway, the agent was good, or all of the above.  Truth be told… Read more »

Coolest Job Ever

Christina challenged me to find a cheap flight from the Big Island to Maui. Hipmunk really paid off because for $86 I got us to Maui for the day and we had the time of my life. I don’t think from the time we checked in to the time we landed a smile ever left… Read more »

From Beach to Airport Bum

Darn airport paparazzi, my wife Christina taking pictures of my geek out session before the flight to Oahu.  Had to stay charged up for the flight!