Month: February 2013

How To Install Firefox OS On Linux & A Quick Demo

Download b2g and extract the package Download and install Gaia Open terminal from the dash home: git clone git:// make -C gaia profile Run Firefox Mobile B2G In terminal run: PATH/TO/B2G-foder/b2g -profile gaia/profile I downloaded b2g and extracted it under ~/home/jeremy/b2g/, so I ran: /home/jeremy/b2g/b2g -profile gaia/profile


My son was at a trampoline park a few months ago and I took this picture because it made me think of a concept I learned in a gamification class from Mario Herger last year.  As humans we love challenging ourselves with obstacles.  Often times we find obstacles so engaging we will intentionally give ourselves… Read more »

Please Don’t Help My Kids

One parent’s plea to the other parents at the playground: please don’t help my kids. “They’re not here to be at the top of the ladder; they are here to learn to climb. If they can’t do it on their own, they will survive the disappointment. What’s more, they will have a goal and the… Read more »

All I Want for President’s Day is My Two Front Teeth

Last weekend Tyler lost one front tooth. Last night we were brushing his teeth and the other front tooth fell out. All I want for President’s Day is my two front teeth doesn’t really work like it does for Christmas but oh well.