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Sunday was Laura’s wedding so we decided to head down early and have some well deserved fun.  The drive down from the Bay Area on Friday was long and we ran into Friday LA traffic but it wasn’t too bad.  Friday night we ate at Javier’s Cantina & Grill at The Spectrum in Irvine, CA… Read more »

Traffic Spike

My site went from a daily average of 60 visits to a sudden spike of over 8,000 yesterday.  At one point 385 people were on the site so I am happy my web server was able to keep up with the demand (thank you WordPress and WP Super Cache).  The 400 pound snake story caused… Read more »

Some Fox Pics

Tyler, Wilbur, and I went for our regular walk this evening.  The nice thing about where I live is you can walk out in what some may call a “semi-country” area.  I usually try and bring my camera with me and today I was really happy I did, not to mention it was my new… Read more »