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Some Fox Pics

Tyler, Wilbur, and I went for our regular walk this evening.  The nice thing about where I live is you can walk out in what some may call a “semi-country” area.  I usually try and bring my camera with me and today I was really happy I did, not to mention it was my new camera.  Usually I see some cows or some birds but today I was walking back by some vineyards and there were three foxes that crossed our path maybe 30-40 yards away.   They aren’t great shots but thanks to the great new zoom on my new camera I was able to zoom in pretty close where before you would have barely been able to see much.  On Wednesday night I saw what I thought was a raccoon in the church parking lot but it ended up being a fox and ironically on my walk this evening I was thinking I wish I had my camera with me that night and 10 minutes later I saw three foxes which was awesome.  I never realized how small foxes are, they aren’t much bigger than a chihuahua.

Santa Cruz Day Trip

We went to Santa Cruz’s Beach Boardwalk yesterday and the weather was fantastic (low 80’s).  There was lots of Labor Day weekend traffic getting there so it ended up taking a few hours.  We walked the boardwalk, went on the ferris wheel, had a great Mexican food lunch, played miniature golf, played some arcade games, walked on the beach, walked to the end of the pier, watched sea lions for a while, and by that time it was 6:30pm and time to head back.

While walking on the beach I saw Oliver Choy and his girlfriend.  Oliver looked to be doing well and I was really glad we ran into him.  I think I last saw Oliver down in Vignette Village in Austin, TX maybe 3-4 years ago.  Below are some videos of the sea lions hanging out under the pier.  We got a tip from a nice lady at the end of the pier that you can take the stairs down and look under the piers.  The sea lions are able to jump up onto the piers and I got a video of them (below) unsuccessfully and successfully jumping onto the pier which was fun to see.  I lost at miniature golf, I lost at air hockey, and I lost at a car racing game so it wasn’t a winning day for me but it was really enjoyable and lots of fun.

Unsuccessful Sea Lion Jump

Successful Sea Lion Jump

Holey Moley


I went to a dermatologist today for a check-up and ended up leaving with one less mole.  Evidently dark, speckled moles are bad to have so the doctor advised me to have it removed.  It is never good when the doctor looks at you and says “ewww wow…yeeeaah that one isn’t good”.  Of course my next question was “OK well what does that involve exactly?”  He then proceeded to tell me that it would have to be “cut out”.  I’m not exactly brave when it comes to blood, people cutting me with things, or torture in general, so when he said he was going to have to “cut it out” I have to admit that didn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park.  If I was a captured soldier in war I’d be the first to talk upon any threat of torture.  All they would have to do is look at me and I’d break down and say “OK you got me, mercy, mercy…I’ll talk, I’ll talk…please spare me”!

Let me remind you, when I got my wisdom teeth out I practically passed out during the consultation so anything regarding people removing things from my body gets me all worked up (translation…scared).  So luckily it was on my back so I could lay on my stomach and they could work their magic without me seeing anything.  So now that you know I’m a big weenie when it comes to “surgical procedures” you can understand why all of this was such a big ordeal for me.  They did the whole alcohol on my back thing and of course then I knew what came after that…yep the ol’ needle.  Luckily the doctor gives great shots because right before he gave me the shot he tapped on my back with his finger a bunch of times so I couldn’t tell which tap the needle was until the tapping stopped and I felt something in my back.

Oh then I knew the “cutting out” portion of the procedure was about to commence.  Some intern was observing the procedure so the doctor was showing her the instruments and explaining how great they are because they are super sharp (just what you want to hear).  Before you knew it he sliced the thing off and then started to stitch me up.  I was doing OK but when he went to check on me I could see blood on his gloves and I was like “woah doc, what are you doing to me up there?”  He started asking me about what I did for a living and that led to a technology discussion so from that point on I was happy as a clam and didn’t feel a thing and had my mind taken off of it.  We debated/discussed why the iPhone isn’t in most enterprises and why BlackBerry’s are so prevalent.

After about 3 minutes of discussion he announced he was all done.  Evidently I can’t get it wet for 24 hours which will be interesting but besides that I think I’ll live.  I have noticed I have a slight limp now but I’m hoping that will go away with time.  :)  Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t wheel me out in a wheelchair as much as I was carrying on but somehow I must have managed to muster up enough strength to make it out to my car.  I immediately proceeded to Jamba Juice for a Coldbuster because I needed to replenish my blood sugar levels after losing so much blood.

I get my stitches taken out in two weeks and that is a big deal for me again because I’ve never had stitches before so that will be interesting to report on.  I think that’s all for now, feel free and send me your care packages, I think I’ll be OK and luckily I don’t think it will impact my blogging too much.  :)

Jeremy and the Toy Store

There was a cool toy sitting beside the big marble track.  It was basically a balance beam with weights on each side and a chicken in the middle.  I decided to find out what happened if you removed a weight from one side and as you can see caucus ensued (I alert everyone in the toy store of my presence).  Even my son can’t help but laugh at me.  At least I know how to laugh at myself!

Safeway Bring Your Child to Work Day 2009

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I volunteered for Bring Your Child to Work Day this year and had fun watching the kids yesterday.  Ironically I think they taught me more than I taught them.  Our group had three volunteers for about 60 kids but they were surprisingly well behaved.  I had two bathroom runs, rescued a girl who lost her shoe in a race, and had to separate a battle for a wristband but we didn’t lose anyone so I considered it a success.  :-)

Eric the Magician (Eric Tate) was there to entertain the kids and it was fun to watch how skeptical they were of “magic”. 

Cathy from Energy Operations was there to teach the kids about renewable energy.  For some reason my camera couldn’t focus very well with the bright window behind her but it is still watchable.  I loved watching the kids perk right up when she mentioned candy for getting the answers right.  She was vying against cartoons for their attention but candy prevails.