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Run Jeremy, Run!

My dad had a four way bypass today here in Portland.  After being able to talk to him after the third time seeing him today he had some advice he urgently wanted to share with me.  The first thing he said to me was “Jeremy, RUN!”  What he was referring to was I started to… Read more »

Web Hosting in 1997

I finally decided to throw out all my old floppy disks after cleaning out a closet last weekend.  Before I threw them out I had to go through them all to see if there were still any files left on the disks.  To my surprise there were still a few files I found which was… Read more »

2013 Resolutions

I know this might be shocking but I’m famous for not following through on my resolutions but I do them each year any way.  What is more awesome than New Year’s resolutions?  Animated gifs my friends.  So hold onto that computer mouse, here are my 2013 resolutions.  I added some animated gif flare because that… Read more »

For Those Following Along #1

We had a new baby girl who has been fun to watch get bigger every day.  So far she is averaging a little over an ounce a day if you can believe that.  She is 89 percentile for height so I already have big basketball plans for her, I can’t lie.  I thought I would… Read more »