Engagement Pics

You may have noticed a decrease in the amount of blog posts recently and in a large part it is because I’ve been planning a wedding!  A few months ago I asked Christina to marry me.  I told her she’d never know when it was coming and I think I shocked her good when it finally came. We were at her parents house and it is a very long story but I eventually found the right time to propose.  We’re getting married in late October of this year so wish us lot of luck.  Cathy Breslow took these wonderful pictures a few weeks ago at a park.  I’ve known Christina for a little over two and a half years now.  Over that time we’ve become the best of friends and completely inseparable.  We both share a similar past and through those experiences we now share a common future with a fantastic outlook, one to last a lifetime.  Tyler and I are so fortunate to have found her and as you can see in the pictures we adore her and promise to always love her.

Jeremy’s Blast From The Past #1

Lana had some pictures she inadvertently took a few years ago and she was of course nice enough to give them back last week once she discovered them.  I decided to put them up as I have time so expect more in the coming weeks.  Did you know I used to be crazy about baseball and even more crazy about baseball card collecting?  When I was about 10 or 11 I used to sort baseball cards for a guy who owned a baseball card shop in town.  He evidently liked me and took me under his wing to teach me the business with his son (the one putting me in a headlock at a baseball card convention).

To this day I have lots and lots of cards I don’t plan to ever sell, they will probably get passed on to my son or sons some day.  I could sell them for a few grand but the memories and hard work as a kid can’t ever be bought so I plan on holding onto them.   Oh and if you look at the bottom left hand corner of the picture you’ll see a Jose Canseco framed poster.  At the conference Jose and his brother Ossie Canseco did a signing session so I got their autograph and the poster hung in my room as a kid and my man cave until recently.  It is one of my few prized possessions I’ll again never sell and isn’t probably worth much but the memories are priceless.  When other kids were out enjoying their summers I was working in a baseball card shop in the back or sorting them from home.  I absolutely loved it…

The Story Behind The New Picture

I changed the header images on the site a few weeks ago which included a more professional picture of me.  I wanted to give you some background on it.  At work I was talking to Brian about a new project which we thought may require employee avatars.  I showed him my avatar on LinkedIn and Twitter and he said something like “yeah you like that picture, you’ve had that for a long time now” so I said OK well then let’s change it and gave him my camera phone.  I was actually joking around when taking the pictures but they turned out half decent (to my surprise) so I decided to use them.  The photo below was my Jerry McGuire pose.  I was probably saying something like “show me the money” or something absurd but he said my hand was covering my face so it didn’t work very well.  All work and no play makes Jeremy a dull boy.  So next time someone says you need a change, try something different and have some fun.  It also helps if you are a camera ham.  So there is the story behind the new picture in case you were (yeah I know you probably weren’t) wondering.

Running Like A Girl 2010

Christina and I finished the 2010 SF Nike Woman’s Half Marathon with an overall time of 3:31:24 which is 28 minutes faster than last year.  If you look at the pace and the rank it isn’t stellar but I wouldn’t exactly call myself an athlete either.  I woke up at 4am to get over to Christina’s so it was a very early start to our day.  Got some coffee and cash and we made it to the race just in time for it to start.  We started in the orange group this year even though we had yellow wrist bands which means we run 14 minute miles (the slowest class).  The nice thing about doing that is you are with faster people at the start.  I got a little agitated because clearly the people who thought they were fast weren’t and were walking way too much to be in the orange class.  Regardless it was another fun year and we saw lots of people we knew from work.

The first half of the race we had perfect weather and the second half it started raining which was fine until the race ended and we had to stop moving.  The bus line was about a mile long which meant we waited in the cold rain and wind for about an hour wearing shorts and a soaked sweatshirt so I was chilled to the bone and shivering despite my best attempts to think about lying in the sun on a white sand beach.  Went and picked up a pizza after the race and watched a nice movie with hot chocolate to finish off the day.  My muscles are actually doing pretty good this year but my knees are what hurt the most.  Go team Safeway!