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Running Like A Girl 2010

Christina and I finished the 2010 SF Nike Woman’s Half Marathon with an overall time of 3:31:24 which is 28 minutes faster than last year.  If you look at the pace and the rank it isn’t stellar but I wouldn’t exactly call myself an athlete either.  I woke up at 4am to get over to… Read more »

I Am Right

Right brained that is… She spins to the right for me, hence why I am more right brain dominant than left.  Which way does she spin for you? If you want to see how right/left brained you are, take the 3-4 minute test here.  Let me know your results and what you learned.  Here are… Read more »

Starbucks, Traffic, Sunglasses, Airport Oh My

Have you ever had one of those days where things just weren’t working for you?  For some reason today is that day for me and I’m typing this to you from DFW Airport.  My morning started trying to find a Starbucks via Hertz’s Neverlost system but every time I tried to go to a Starbucks… Read more »

Blackhawk Automotive Museum

We went to the Blackhawk Automotive Museum today and I really enjoyed it.  My favorite had to be the white Porshe owned by Dr. Porsche followed by the Road Runner.

Blackhawk Plaza

It is Christina’s birthday today so we took her to breakfast and then she took us to the Blackhawk Plaza which is quite the ritzy shopping area.