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San Francisco Aquarium & A Day In The City

Christina and I went to San Francisco this afternoon to visit the San Francisco Aquarium at Pier 39.  We then went to Ghirardelli for some ice cream (mmmm yumm).  As you can see the weather was a beautiful 75 degrees which was awesome!

Shopping The Musical

Christina, her mom, her mom’s friend, and I went to see “Shopping! The Musical” last night in San Francisco.  If you are into shopping this would be the musical for you, and to some degree even if you aren’t into shopping it was still humorous.

Dublin, CA St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2010

Christina and I took Tyler to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, CA this morning which he absolutely loved.

Austin Eugene Powell

My sister had her second child, Austin Eugene Powell last night at 9:17pm who came into the world at a perfect (and very lucky) seven pounds.  I was at church when she called me the first time and I only got to speak with her for a minute before she needed to go.  I went back into the classroom at church and learned of a prayer request for her.  About 3-4 minutes into the prayer requests our pastor started praying for my sister and at that exact moment my phone rang again and it was my sister which I thought was very awesome.

I called her back a few minutes later (shortly before 8pm) and was able to talk with her for a good 20 minutes.  During that call I learned she had gone into the doctor earlier in the day for a checkup and they found her to have elevated blood pressure so they admitted her at that instant and quickly decided to induce the labor.  When I spoke with her she had just received her epidural which went fine and a little over an hour later Austin arrived into the world.  Congratulations lil’ sis and big Mike, I am very proud of you two.  I talked to everyone this morning and Evan, Austin’s big brother sounded very happy in the background upon meeting his new brother for the first time.  It doesn’t get much better than that…