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It’s a Catch-22

From James Altucher on Quora: Joseph Heller wrote the massive bestseller, Catch-22 about World War II. I recommend anyone read the book but that’s not what this answer is about. Later in his life Heller went to a party in the Hamptons. Mostly young hedge fund guys at the party. While he was at the… Read more »

Donny Deutsch: Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

I’m trying to burn through my stack of library books and wanted to recommend one of my latest reads called Often Wrong, Never in Doubt: Unleash the Business Rebel Within by Donny Deutsch.  Every time I go to the library I always bee-line to the Computer Science section first, quickly followed by Business (just like my pursuit… Read more »

Things I’ve Learned In My Life So Far

Stefan Sagmeister, one of my favorite designers inspired me a while back to start writing down ‘things I’ve learned in my life so far’ after I saw the video he did for his book. Almost every day since I started about 6 months ago I’ve added at least a paragraph of tips.  You start to… Read more »

The Value of Books

I saw this hanging in a book store in Seaside, OR a few months ago.

Bluebird by Charles Bukowski

I don’t know how I stumbled on this poem but I loved it. Not necessarily because it relates to me, it doesn’t. Not at all. I think I can’t stop reading and listening to it because I love honesty. I love brutal, real, raw honesty. For that reason this poem is simply amazing to me…. Read more »