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The World is Flat

I am hearing some good things about Friendman’s book and hope to some day get a chance to read it.  Wikipedia has a summary of the ten “flatteners” that Friedman sees as leveling the global playing field: #1: Collapse of Berlin Wall–11/’89: The event not only symbolized the end of the Cold war, it allowed… Read more »

Book: The New Age Of Innovation

“The New Age of Innovation reveals that the key to creating value and the future growth of every business depends on accessing a global network of resources to co-create unique experiences with customers, one at a time. To achieve this, CEOs, executives, and managers at every level must transform their business processes, technical systems, and… Read more »

Book Brought Up At A Conference: Plugged In

“Although Erickson admits that her own Generation Y son informed her that he would prefer to consult a blog for career advice rather than dead-tree technology, her effort—chock-full of demographic data and a portrait of the generation’s collective aspirations—is certainly worthy of the effort required of literally turning pages. An author and researcher in demographics… Read more »

Dr. Seus: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Wondering where to go and what to do in life?  I’ve certainly been there, life is full of strife.  Don’t worry too much although yes even I often do.  Consult in Dr. Suess and you may find what you are looking for deep within you.  Hope this helps those looking for answers, we hate seeing… Read more »

Glycemic Load Diet

On this weeks episode of Diggnation Kevin talked about the Glycemic load diet which seems to make a lot of sense. If you want to read more about the book check out the site here.