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Words of Wisdom from Business Leaders: Jeff Bezos


Title: CEO of Amazon

Commencement Address: Carnegie Mellon (2008)

Hightlight: “Successful folks focus in on what they love and they wait for the world to come to them. The alternative, which is chasing the day’s hot trend is a difficult road. At the height of the Internet gold rush in 1999, I watched many people who had no real interest in computers, no real interest in technology, and no real interest in business sit down and start panning for Internet gold. Very difficult. For one thing, it’s dangerous to jump into an arena where you find yourself competing against those who have more passion than you. Don’t try that at home. The good news is, if we listen to ourselves, we already know what our passions are. Our hearts are a reliable guide on this one.”


Words of Wisdom from Business Leaders: Carly Fiorina


Title: CEO of Hewlett-Packard (1999 to 2005)

Commencement Address: California Institute of Technology (2004)

Highlight: “What will define greatness for your generation? I believe it is to use the knowledge that you have earned here to find ways, not only to connect to computers, but to connect people; not only to bridge gaps in science, but to bridge gaps between cultures; not only to use numbers and formulas to create, but to use words to lead, and in the process, to close that canyon between ignorance and understanding.”


2008 Top 100 Retailers by Revenue


The STORES Top 100 Retailers are ranked by annual revenues as reported in SEC filings, public statements by the companies and, where noted, estimates based on Planet Retail research.  View the list here.

Jeremy’s Universal Wish List


I just found out added a great new universal wish list bookmarklet.  As you probably know bookmarklets are gaining popularity and I think it was brilliant for to create one which lets you add something you want to purchase from anywhere on the web (not just  Let’s say you are surfing a non site and you see something you want to purchase in the future.  Normally you may write that item down or perhaps even save it to a Google Docs spreadsheet.  With Amazon’s new feature you can add that item to your universal wish list with one click of a button.  You can add it to your browser with full instructions provided here.  You can also view my wish list any time via the left hand navigation of my website or by clicking the image below.  I go to the bookstores to browse books and then send myself emails with the title of the book because I can usually get it much cheaper online.  I’m pretty much an open book (no pun intended) so I made my wish list public.  Pretty spiffy huh?

My Wish List