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James J. Schiro C.E.O. of Zurich Financial Services


I found this article on the web tonight and thought it would share it.  James J. Schiro, C.E.O. of Zurich Financial Services is using the Internet to communicate with employees, and cut costs. This is a CEO who just seems to “get it”.  Everything he says makes a lot of sense and it is definitely a good read.

Everything I Know About Business I Learned From Poker


I love (online shoe company) because they are a company that treats their employees well and thinks outside the box.  Not to mention they have fanatical customer service (Google it).  Their CEO/COO have a blog where they explain that they learned everything they know about business from poker.  I think this one is a must read.  OK this has to be my last post for a while, I gotta get to work on other things.

Best LinkedIn Recommendation Ever

“One time I was like, no, Jon, we’ll never make that deadline, and then he roundhouse kicked the project in the face and we beat the deadline by 7 weeks. It was either Jon or Chuck Norris, I can’t remember.”