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Connecting Generations Digitally

My write-up for the Summer 2012 CMMA E-Visions Newsletter (sneak peak). At the 2012 National Conference in Clearwater, we learned a lot about the differences between Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations, all of whom are represented in the workforce. We learned that collaboration is critical—but not easy to achieve. We learned that… Read more »

Why Communications is Like Water

I have always enjoyed being around the ocean, especially in warm locations.  If you do a search on my site for “beach” you will see pictures of a very happy Jeremy.  OK so before I bore you with how much I love the ocean I have to get to the point of this post.  Communications… Read more »

The Dancing Gorilla

Can I have your attention for a few minutes? Great, that is exactly what I want to talk about today, getting people’s attention! I’d also like to talk about what should happen once you get people’s attention. In a meeting a few weeks ago I talked about my “dancing gorilla” experience when I lived in… Read more »