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Soda Fountain Drink Recipes


When I was driving back from Portland almost a month ago I took this picture using my iPhone.  I stopped for a milkshake at Burger King (I love me some ice cream), but found the drink recipes fascinating so I took a picture of it.  If you try them let me know if they are any good.

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Tyler and Jeremy Making a Cake Today

As you will see from this video, I am getting to be quite the baker (yeah right).  Tyler is fun to cook with and is excited to learn from a master baker like myself.  I take my baking very seriously don’t I?  Haha…

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My “Real” Age


I’ve gone through a bit of stress over the last year so when Dr. Oz’s “real age” calculator advertisement came up in Gmail I was curious.  It takes roughly 5-10 minutes to go through all of the questions but it gives you a detailed report at the end for what you can do to get a lower “real age”.  I’ve started doing some things to improve my health and am feeling better each day.  The quiz was a good reminder of some additional things I can do to make me feel younger.  Now if I can only find something to help me grow some more hair on the top of my noggin I’ll be good to go.  :)  >> Take the quiz now

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Starbucks Clover Coffee

Starbucks has purchased a coffee machine created by Stanford graduates called the Clover.  If you go to the Starbucks Clover Coffee website they have a few locations in the Bay Area so I’ll have to try it out.  The machine “wowed Howard Schultz, founder and CEO of Starbucks. Last year, Schultz stumbled upon the machine in New York City when he had spotted a line of people standing outside a tiny joint called Café Grumpy. He tried a sample and declared it “the best cup of brewed coffee I have ever tasted.”  In March 2008, Starbucks announced the acquisition of the Coffee Equipment Company — the Seattle-based startup that manufactures Clovers in a converted trolley shed. His hope is that the Clover will bolster Starbucks’ bottom line.”  >> Read the full Wired aricle.

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Voodoo Donut Display Case

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