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Google Me Trailer

For everyone who has Google’d themselves, this movie is for you (hint: everyone has probably Google’d themselves at least once).  Office Space is one of my favorite movies and in it Michael Bolton proclaims that the famous singer is a “no talent clown” (he actually added another a word in there but this is a family oriented blog) ever since he became famous and stole his identity/name. Can you imagine having someone ultra famous with your exact same name?  Luckily I reserved years ago and Jeremy#2 below has (bet he hates me).  If you are a Jeremy Person, I want to talk to you.  It is so strange to think we have the same name. When I was in Portland over the weekend I was going through one of the “Street of Dreams” condos and one of the agents had his card on a desk with the name of “Ryan Person”.  I haven’t met another “Person” outside of my family so if you are a “Person”, contact me!


Check out these Jeremy Person’s (Note: pictures are clickable):

  1. jeremyPerson3


The Way We Get By

I saw this trailer tonight and had to share it, it looks like it will be very powerful and very moving.  “My life don’t mean a hell of a lot to me, but if I can make it mean something to someone else, that is my endeavor.”

Armando Montelongo

I’m a fan of the “Flip This House” series and if you haven’t seen it you will have to check it out.  Don’t confuse Flip This House with Flip That House, it is two separate shows (confusing I know).  Armando is like a traffic accident; you want to look away but you can’t.