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Def Leppard: Ziggy Stardust

My favorite band ever. My parents wouldn’t let me buy the tape because of the band’s name (and yes I’m that old…when there were cassette tapes…no MP3s…no streaming). Since I couldn’t buy it I went across the street and listened to it at my best friend Rob’s house. I was such a rebel. Oh and… Read more »

A Save For The Cameras: Paper Plate Bean Shakers

02 Paper Plate Bean Shakers I have two friends named JJ.  The JJ in Phoenix has a band called A Save for the Cameras and he sent over some of his songs tonight.  My favorite is “Paper Plate Bean Shakers” which I’ve embedded above.  I asked him where he got the band name A Save… Read more »

Love Song

Went to dinner last night where the place was bought out for us and they had this guy singing.  It was Andrea’s 25th wedding anniversary with her husband so he sang them a song he wrote for his wife.  Great song…