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Corpcom Carnival 2013

We try and do an employee appreciation event each year and the theme this year was a carnival.  We had carnival games and even a cartoonist come and help provide some extra fun activities for everyone to take part in.  A few of us played basketball for a few hours yesterday and I was one of them so all I can say after waking up this morning is “wow I feel old and sore”. Good times!

Christina’s “2013” Birthday

With a cake like that you know she loves us.  Dairy, nut, and taste free!  ;)

Mt. Shasta and Black Butte Panorama


Weed, CA is one of my favorite places in the world.  It has some of the most amazing views.  I stopped for a drink and snack on my way home and tried to capture the mountain beauty.

Dublin, CA St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2013