Google Data Center FAQ…

Where are Google’s data centers located?
Google has disclosed the sites of four new facilities announced in 2007, but many of its older data center locations remain under wraps. Much of Google’s data center equipment is housed in the company’s own facilities, but it also continues to lease space in a number of third-party facilities. Much of its third-party data center space is focused around peering centers in major connectivity hubs. Here’s our best information about where Google is operating data centers, building new ones, or maintaining equipment for network peering. Facilities we believe to be major data centers are bold-faced.”

I found it interesting they have a data center in Pleasanton, CA because that is the city I work in.  Read the full article here.

My Computer (Per Scott’s Comment Below)…

Computer Case – Apevia X-Superalien ATXA6SW-GN/500 Green Server Computer Case

– Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHZ

Memory – 4 Gigs

– Ubuntu 8.04