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Kevin Rose Inc. Magazine Cover

I am at the airport in Phoenix and made a point to stop by the newstand because Kevin Rose is on the cover of Inc. Magazine this month.  The wireless connection is free and compared to what we have been dealing with at the hotel for the past week it is so great to have a fast connection again.

Kevin Mitnick: Social Engineering 101

Mitnick tells attendees at the Last HOPE conference about how he used social engineering on workers at a Hollywood telephone company central office in the middle of the night.

Why Yahoo! May Still Have a Chance to Beat Google at Search!

OK so we all search for ourselves, I keep messing with my SEO in hopes of improving my results (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it).  We have heard recently that Yahoo! is falling apart and Google can’t be stopped.

Test #1The “Search King” Google

  1. OK great my LinkedIn page is rendered first but at least it is me.
  2. The second result is some random post I did.  I looked at the post and I don’t have any special SEO tags in it so I’m not sure why it is there.
  3. I love the third result but unfortunately it is a hotter Jeremy Person.
  4. Further down the page it found Lana Person
  5. Even further down it has Ron Jeremy in my results?  Geeze…things are getting worse by the minute here Google.

Search #2 – The Underdog: Yahoo!

  1. OK on you see it autocompletes my search and finds Jeremy Person, nice!  Oh yeah PS, since this is the Yahoo! test you are going to see lots of exclamation marks.
  2. The first result is my website, perfect…that is what I want!
  3. The second result is my LinkedIn page…yes still perfect!
  4. The third result I’m not so happy with, claimid?
  5. The fourth result is something about physical touching of his person?  Geeze, here we go again…common Yahoo!
  6. Next result is my Digg page, yes…picking up steam again

Conclusion: Yahoo! Search Rocks!

OK so I have been known to be a Yahoo! fanboy but the proof is in the search isn’t it?  Google did a fair job but I still think Yahoo! has better results.  I would love to see the day where users can tweak search content to help get better results.  What do you think?  Scott (Google fanboy) should have something to say about this one!  Yahoo!  Yahoo!  Yahoo!

Check out these results!