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Dean and Deluca St. Helena

If you are ever in St. Helena, just outside of Napa be sure and check out Dean & Deluca.  The only thing I make sure and buy every time I’m there is Cock & Bull Ginger Beer.  I’m pretty sure it is the most manly soda a person can drink if that is what you are going for in life (me…not so much…I just love bold tastes).  I’m also a grocery geek and this is a great place to see how others are using their marketing skills in an upscale environment.  I mean a person like me isn’t going to buy a $50 flower pot cake but I’ll bet it is pretty good!  My mom bought me some of their Napa Blend Coffee and a coffee pour over maker which I’m sure I’ll blog about later (mmmm mmmm it is good).  Yes I also had some Cock & Bull with pizza that night and oh man is that stuff good!

Child Abuse & Misc. Pics

Let that be a lesson to Tyler!  Haha, just kidding we were playing but here are some pictures that didn’t seem to fit any other post that I had to share.

Umigo Indoor Racing

Christina and I went to UmiGo Racing in Livermore tonight and had a blast. Their go karts get up to 45 MPH so even though it doesn’t look fast on the video just trust me, it is really fast. I got a chance to do this in Scottsdale a while back so when I heard they opened up an indoor track in the area we had to give it a try. Christina is always beating me at racing at the putt-putt places and has the best time doing it so I thought she would love kicking it up a notch or two. For the record I did win this time but I think she had the best time because she didn’t touch the brake and had to be rescued several times (my crazy woman). I also got black flagged because I kept the accelerator to the floor and would brake at the same time which they didn’t like, otherwise I would have done even better. Thanks to Gary for telling me about it, if you are in town you should definitely give it a try! I took some pictures with my cell phone camera which aren’t the best but I don’t think anyone looks that great wearing the helmets anyway. Oh and yes my pants were dirty, I was planting some new plants this afternoon with Tyler and didn’t get a chance to change them before my date. ;)

Oakland Zoo Round Two

On Saturday Christina and I took Tyler to the Oakland Zoo again.  As you can tell we had a lot of fun but especially Tyler!

Rubicon Winery

Went to Rubicon Estate today which which was purchased in 1975 by Francis Ford Coppola and his wife Eleanor.  It was my second time visiting and it is one of my favorite wineries, mainly because they have a Tucker on the second story of the winery!