Category: Travel At Stonehenge

Before Russell went on vacation he said he owed me for not getting something done before he left.  I said to forget about it and just have a great time…but if he could take a picture with him in front of Stonehenge (with a sign of course) it would be epic.

Well, he did it and I have to say it made my week!  Thanks Russell, I absolutely love it.  This was really thoughtful of you and I didn’t think you would actually do it!

Home Sweet Home: Kona Safeway

When we were in Hawaii I saw a familiar sight and got pretty excited.  Wow, who let those white chicken legs out?

San Ramon Art & Wind Festival

Went to the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival yesterday.  I didn’t see much art but we loved the wind.  Note to self: next year, bring a “real” kite instead of making the free one and bring allergy medication.