Category: Travel At Stonehenge

Before Russell went on vacation he said he owed me for not getting something done before he left.  I said to forget about it and just have a great time…but if he could take a picture with him in front of Stonehenge (with a sign of course) it would be epic.  Well, he did… Read more »

Original Hawaiian Chocolates

; Here are the videos I shot of the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory tour in Kona, HI. As you can see I clearly have some great video shooting skills…not. Not the most exciting videos but if you want to learn about how chocolate is made, these are the videos for you.

Home Sweet Home: Kona Safeway

When we were in Hawaii I saw a familiar sight and got pretty excited.  Wow, who let those white chicken legs out?

San Ramon Art & Wind Festival

Went to the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival yesterday.  I didn’t see much art but we loved the wind.  Note to self: next year, bring a “real” kite instead of making the free one and bring allergy medication.