Dean and Deluca St. Helena

If you are ever in St. Helena, just outside of Napa be sure and check out Dean & Deluca.  The only thing I make sure and buy every time I’m there is Cock & Bull Ginger Beer.  I’m pretty sure it is the most manly soda a person can drink if that is what you are going for in life (me…not so much…I just love bold tastes).  I’m also a grocery geek and this is a great place to see how others are using their marketing skills in an upscale environment.  I mean a person like me isn’t going to buy a $50 flower pot cake but I’ll bet it is pretty good!  My mom bought me some of their Napa Blend Coffee and a coffee pour over maker which I’m sure I’ll blog about later (mmmm mmmm it is good).  Yes I also had some Cock & Bull with pizza that night and oh man is that stuff good!