Golden Gate Bridge Suicides


OK this isn’t the most joyous of blog posts but according to Wikipedia the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the most popular place in the United States to commit suicide. The fatality percentage is a whopping 98% but again according to Wikipedia one young man survived a jump in 1979, swam to shore, and drove himself to a hospital.  The reason I’m saying all of this is I read an interesting article in my news feed this morning from which talked about ironworkers who try to talk people out of jumping.  The sad one in the article is the guy who decided to commit suicide but threw his two year old daughter off the bridge before he jumped.  I’ll never understand those types of people but thank goodness for the iron workers who try to help those in need.  I know a few people who have committed suicide but luckily nobody close to me.  A kid who sat next to me in my technical business writing class in college committed suicide.  I remember he rarely showed up for class and didn’t seem to try much and after finding out he died I remember being shocked even though I hardly knew him.  People who commit suicide seem to be incredibly selfish to me but I know it is easy for us to judge.  Life is never so bad that you have to take your own life.  If life gives you lemons make some lemon-aid!  I like lime-aid myself…on sale at Safeway this week for $3.99…plug! I think if I was trying to talk someone down from the Golden Gate Bridge I’d break out my guitar and sing “Jumper” from Third Eye Blind.  Wait, then again that might make them jump not prevent it!

In all seriousness this is an interesting article and if I can ever help anyone through a tough time just let me know any time.  OK my next post is going to be more positive!

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