How to Fix Spotify Crashing on Startup for Ubuntu

I love Spotify.  If you haven’t tried it you should definitely check it out. I had been having some problems with the newer preview releases of the application on my Ubuntu machine at home. If you run into issues yourself you can try the following in terminal:

Clear cache: rm -Rf ~/.cache/spotify

If Spotify continues to crash run a “strace -e open spotify” in terminal and post it to the forums for more advanced assistance.  Good luck!  This fixed all of my issues so I wanted to make sure and share it in case it also helped others running Spotify on Ubuntu.

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27 Responses to How to Fix Spotify Crashing on Startup for Ubuntu

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks! I have the same setup (Ubuntu w/ spotify preview), and it started crashing upon startup. Your fix cleared it up. Do you have any idea about the whys and hows of this fix?

  2. Dave says:

    Works! Good post, thanks.

  3. Dave says:

    WR2 why it works, I know that the client locked up on my machine, and I killed the process. My guess is that it left the cache in an inconsistent state. Next time, I’ll pick through the cache and see what might be jacked so as to provide better feedback to the folks at Spotify.

  4. Mikey says:

    Thanks! That was easy and fast

  5. Matthew says:

    Excellent, seem’s a shame Spotify don’t solve this….it must be simple….i wouldn’t know…Thank You!

  6. R0bb says:

    Thanks, great fix!! Still relevant.

  7. dickgrayson says:

    Thanks worked great!

  8. Nils says:

    Works perfect, thanks!

  9. Garrett says:


  10. Patrik says:

    Thanks! Works, and are needed, in Fedora 17 too.

  11. Amin says:

    Thanks a lot! Fixes my problem! :-)

  12. Amin says:

    Fixed i mean! :P

  13. Jeff says:

    I noticed that ~/.cache/spotify/Storage was taking up >4GB. Deleting this folder fixed the problem.

  14. Matt says:

    Thank you sir!

  15. Matthew says:

    Thank you very much, solved the problem for me as well

  16. Kleeo says:

    Awesome! This had been frustrating me for weeks. This worked for me right away! Thanks!

  17. André Petersen says:

    Thanks ! Works even in Germany :D

  18. Dustin H says:

    Thank you, Ctrl+C > Shift+Ins = Life is good again. Only wish Spotify would make mention of this on the Linux Preview page. Last time it wouldn’t load, I fixed it with a full uninstall/reinstall.

  19. Karlski says:

    Jeremy dude you rule! I didn’t even think to check the cache after I added like a bazillion music playlists. But now it correlates exactly. I have been dealing with no tunes for like 4 days now. Almost froze over. I have been running Linux since before there was a web, when it was just IRC haqr’s & BBS doods. Thanks for carrying the torch of linux knowledge & publishing fixes/tips bro much appreciated. \|4nd4|_ from #phreak chan.

  20. james says:

    thanks, this worked. Was driving me crazy

  21. Mada says:

    Great tip!

  22. Brian says:

    Thanks! but for me this fixes the problem once…but then it crashes again, usually within an hour of use and I’m back where I started…any ideas?

  23. Luis Abarca says:

    Thanks a lot, works perfect now!!

  24. Joss says:

    Thanks you so much – you’re amazing. I was ready to uninstall, but this simple one has fixed it – brilliant!

  25. Leo says:

    Wow! Had so much hassle with the same problem. Seems to be magic that it was fixed by clearing the cache… Thanks in abundance for helping the community!

  26. Nico says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

  27. Magoo says:

    No go. Kind of tired of this linux shit with all of it’s missing dependencies, strange crashes and “nothing happens”. Have been trying to install Spotify on 4 different machines with almost no luck. One runs on Wine(Linux Cent) and one on Linux Preview(Ubuntu) and the rest(Ubuntu) with a bunch of crashes and no online fixes. I just don’t have the time for this… Long time, no seen Windows…

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