Loyalty: The Highest Virtue

Growing up I was a big fan of Donald Trump because I loved reading autobiographies of those who were successful.  Obviously there are many forms of success and in business I love looking at what people did to become successful.  If you watch The Apprentice on TV you know that Donald Trump is big on loyalty and in a blog post in 2005 he considers it his “highest virtue”.  Loyalty is important in business as Trump notes but it is also important in every day life.  Everyone at one point in their life gets burned but look at those around you which you trust and who in difficult times “sticks and stays and makes it pay” as a church pastor once said every Sunday.

Fred Reichheld wrote The Loyalty Effect where he defines loyalty as “the willingness to make an investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a relationship.”  Be wary of those who don’t invest in you but also know to be invested in you have to reciprocate that investment in others.

It is said that in times of crisis people show their true character and I really believe that.  In good times everyone will help you and most people are more than happy to be your friend.  However, in bad times really look at who is loyal to you because those are your true allies and friends.  In life we have to trust people, in fact trust/loyalty is really what helps make our world successful, innovative, and beautiful.  However, if you have ever had anyone be disloyal to you in life or business you know how painful it can be so chose your allies carefully.