Richard Petty Driving Experience

I did the Richard Petty Driving Experience today at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Well truth be told I sat in a car with someone who really knows how to drive.  Even though there wasn’t a speedometer in the car he said we went 165 and when I asked how he knew he said “I just do”.  I was going to take video of the ride but he said I wouldn’t be able to hold my arms up very well and the camera could become a projectile around the turns so I decided to just hold on and enjoy the ride.  I ordered a DVD of the experience instead so we’ll see how that turns out.  We took three laps around and it was crazy fast but I still wanted to go faster.  The driver I had was a really nice young guy from Bend Oregon and I got to talk with him later in the day.  He wanted to be a professional driver but is happy doing the tours for now.  The turns were 21 degree banks so I definitely felt the G forces going around them.  Several times my helmet was pushed against the mesh netting covering the opening of the car.  Not that I would have but they advised not to curse because they were filming everything.  I think the only thing I said audibly at one point was “wow” and a little laugh and I’m sure my face and body language will say the rest.