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How Barack Obama Helped Digg

The Digg Blog has a post about how Obama winning the election increased traffic which helped them find some configuration errors.

“A historic moment in history has occurred with the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. For many, this moment was shared with the digg community that included a furious level of digging and commenting. In fact, election night generated the most traffic and activity in the history of Digg.

At about 8pm PST, most TV networks called the election with Obama as winner. Some interesting stats for the 8pm hour (PST):
Submitting was 108% of normal.
Digging was 202% of normal.
Burying was 137% of normal.
Commenting was 278% of normal.
Comment Digging was 619% of normal.
Comment Burying was 689% of normal.”  >> Read More

Google Street View: Digg Office

This is a Street View of the Digg Office.  I like the people who are sitting across the street in awe of the Google Street View car going by.