“The 650 Pound Virgin” Who Lost 410 Pounds

This is a great story about a 32-year-old man named David from Phoenix, AZ who weighed 650 pounds. David had no friends or job and wouldn’t go outside except at night so he wouldn’t be seen because people would laugh and stare at him. The only thing that made him happy was food and soda. His life consisted of eating, sleeping, and watching television.

He contacted his local news agency for help and a week later a personal trainer named Chris Powell contacted him. The trainer put him on an exercise regiment and diet and in 26 months he lost 401 pounds. Chris didn’t make a drastic change to David’s daily life and didn’t just handle the matter physiologically but also psychologically. David’s diet and exercise consisted of high and low days where he could reward himself every other day.

David has had three operations to remove excess skin and according to him may need one or two more. The two have become friends and are roommates. Upon agreeing to help David Chris said he would help him lose weight if he agreed to pay it forward by helping others to do the same. TLC is airing the documentary tomorrow (7/12) they created titled The 650-Pound Virgin at 8 pm. The documentary description on the website is: “Four years ago David Smith weighed 650lbs, he was eating himself to death and doctors said he wouldn’t hit 30. Now having lost over 400lbs he’s fit, healthy and hoping to make up for those lost years by finding himself a girlfriend for the first time!” Very inspirational and it is amazing what you can do when you truly put your mind to something.