The World Without The Internet

World without Internet

I’ve been collaborating with the folks over at for a little while now and their latest infographic is especially interesting so I wanted to write about it.  When was the last time you unplugged from the Internet?  A few weeks ago my ISP (Comcast) had an outage for about 12 hours and from the moment it went down to the moment it was brought back up, I missed my broadband connection.  I felt disconnected, unproductive, and uninformed.  I found myself resorting to my 3G smartphone for the necessities (yes, which is cheating) but I couldn’t do as much as I wanted, or at least as fast as I wanted.

At work, at home, and on the go I am connected.  I was in High School (’96) when I really started using the Internet.  My parents bought me a desktop as my graduation present and they found it interesting I rarely used things on the PC itself, instead I was consuming and publishing content on the Internet.  The computer to me, even then, seemed limited without being connected to the Internet. So now the question is with the billions of us creating content, how do we better manage it so it isn’t so overwhelming?  What revolution, good or bad, will be next?