What Do Chameleons & Bob Shiefer Have in Common? Nothing

How awesome is that video?  Some people seem to have a chameleon tendency and to some degree I think I tend to be pretty good at acclimating to my environment.  I’m not a big ABC or Fox news person and tend to watch (well record) the CBS Evening News every night to try and stay up to date with what is going on in the world.  Prior to Katie Couric doing the news it was Bob Schieffer and I have to say I really liked him.  He seemed to be a genuine guy and this will probably make you laugh but my favorite thing about Mr. Schieffer is the man knows how to pick out and wear a tie.  Unlike the chameleon who emulates his/her environment, Mr. Shiefer wears the brightest and most bold ties which seems uncharacteristic of his generation.  He ocassionally is a special correspondent now and I think he does Face the Nation which I don’t watch, but next time you see him on TV check out his tie choices.


My favorite thing to wear outside of work is a plain gray t-shirt and for as long as I can remember it has always been that way.  Simon Cowell likes his black shirts and frankly I like mine gray.  Slowly over time I’m transitioning out of that but ironically as I write this I’m wearing a plain gray t-shirt.  I tend to wear lots of earth tones but when I have to dress up for work my favorite thing to wear is a white shirt with a bright red tie followed by a blue shirt with a yellow tie.  If you look at the psychology of colors wearing red apparently means that I am “full of energy. Red ties are usually worn by outgoing personality types. It shines full of optimism and it increases enthusiasm. The brighter the red the more emotionally intense it is. Wearing a darker red tie, such as burgundy or maroon, is more conservative. They are popular ties for politicians for example.”  To see what personality type you are according to your favorite tie color click here.