Jeremy Person

Jeremy Person
Innovative & Technical Leader

Leader offering unique blend of web communications and technology to drive development and delivery of applications, microsites, websites, and strategies. Provide improvements and innovations to enhance engagement, collaboration, productivity, and alignment within continuously changing environments while applying an ROI-focused approach. 12 years of management experience leading teams at world-class companies.


Professional Experience

Hunter Douglas
Hunter Douglas Logo

07/01/18 - Present

Sr. Manager of Knowledge & Colalboration

    Our team is responsible for creating consistent and actionable knowledge for our consumers and dealers to utilize across multiple web properties. Partnering with other functional areas, our team translates the insights of our support representatives into knowledge that is easily consumable by our dealers and consumers.

  • Currently developing a post sale consumer support site.
  • Created and received executive buy-in of a 75-page company-wide knowledge strategy as well as a quarterly project plan to take Hunter Douglas from a primarily unstructured data model to a highly structured web content communications model.
  • Created and throughout 2018-2019 we are implementing a formal knowledge strategy ensuring Knowledge Articles (KAs) for the top 80% of our contact scenarios.
  • Developed a scenarios database driven (LAMP on AWS) website for Customer Service Reps (CSRs) to identify the reasons our consumers and dealers contact us as well as structured database driven content detailing how to resolve the scenario.
  • Developed a crowd-sourced acronyms structured database allowing all employees to contribute acronyms and the corresponding definition. Built a web service allowing Salesforce Knowledge as well as a chatbot to index the knowledge.
  • Developed a LAMP based known product issues database with advanced JavaScript powered charts so executive management and product teams can stay apprised of current issues as well as the status of resolving the issue.

02/01/15 - 07/01/18

Web Content and Customer Service Knowledge Manager

    The goal of the CS Knowledge Base team is to deliver the best possible customer service content to Netflix agents and customers around the world. We want people to spend more time enjoying their entertainment and less time fixing problems. We do this by developing the latest and greatest features for our knowledge base (KB) systems and by curating and maintaining all of our CS content.

  • Lead Drupal KB Product Management efforts throughout the Customer Service organization.
  • Manages an amazing editorial, search, and Web Specialist team supporting an internal KB for thousands of agents as well as the website which receives millions of sessions a month.
  • Deployed and support Swiftype for internal search to better allow our agent community to find the information they need quickly and easily to better serve our customers.
  • Leading a Content as a Service (CaaS) architectural overhaul of all web content to create a highly reusable / modular site that is SEO optimized.
  • Working with Engineering to create an annotation service allowing agents to effortlessly provide feedback directly within every article.
Amazon Web Services
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04/21/14 - 02/01/15

Manager of Web Content

    Managed all developer marketing web initiatives on Focused on driving engaging, differentiated, and compelling experiences that connect developers to each other and to AWS. 
Worked closely with stakeholders across various departments (web designand UX) to identify and drive innovative solutions that achieve business goals and align with long term product roadmaps. Owned strategic initiatives like the developer portal, developer marketing landing pages, and custom web experience for developers.

  • Responsible for creating and managing a compelling, personalized, integrated web experience for members of the AWS developer community.
  • Developed a personalized technology framework from the ground which guides customers through the AWS suite of solutions.
  • Led the redesign of the AWS GitHub page.
  • Supported the AWS Simple Icons program.
  • Created an interactive architectural diagram site allowing service architects the ability to better understand how AWS services can be provisioned.
  • Created and supported the AWS Community Heroes website.
  • Redeisgned the AWS User Groups pages.
  • Redesigned the pages and content for the AWS Websites pages working alongside Product Marketing.
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09/14/08 - 12/10/13

Group Director of Corporate Communications & Retail Technology

    Managed 18-person team spanning 3 groups for development and delivery of communications and training solutions/improvements. Held accountability for $1.5M budget. Led support for 500+ internal content publishers along with the company’s content management system (CMS) and portal.

  • Led a team of 18 employees spanning 3 groups.
  • Partnered with IT to build & deploy a highly targeted/personalized retail intranet for 40,000 employees.
  • Built LMS solutions for training delivery and metrics.
  • Oversaw the development & delivery of Safeway’s web‐based training.
  • Developed & deployed a social network for 8,000 employees.
  • Supported 500+ publishers, CMS & portal.
  • Converted 600+ flat file forms to be database driven.

06/24/07 - 09/14/08

Safeway Logo

Director of Web Content & Retail Technology

    Headed 10-person team comprised of a web content manager, a content gatekeeper, and eight web specialists to provide solutions and ongoing support to corporate communications group. Researched and implemented new communications technologies and strategies in support of retail associate needs.

  • Directed 10 Web Content employees.
  • Implemented an internal analytics solution.
  • Established and facilitated the Portal Governance Committee.
  • Received the Vignette Efficiency Award.
  • Researched and deployed new retail communications technologies and strategies to assist retail associates with more efficient communications systems.

07/31/05 - 06/24/07

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Manager of Web Content

    Oversaw team of eight web specialists in supporting 500+ internal content publishers, CMS, and portal.

  • Managed 8 Web Specialists.
  • Coordinated all Intranet publishing.
  • Oversaw 500+ publishers, CMS & portal.
  • Developed and released Vignette CMS, Portal, and Collaboration solutions to 46,000 retail associates. We were able to target each communication to each store, role, pricing area, state, county, city, division, district, store.

03/12/00 - 07/31/05

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Web Specialist

    Established company’s retail intranet (SelectNet) for delivery of updates, tasks, and information to direct retail associates; efforts alleviated email/hardcopy communications and provided efficient tracking method.

  • Started Safeway's retail Intranet (in IT) called "SelectNet" in 1999 and a content management system and portal called "Employee Gateway" in 2004 with the Corporate Communications team.
  • Received the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2004 (5 awarded each year).
  • Received the Unsung Hero Award in 2004 for customer service (10 awarded each year).
Jeremy Person

Jeremy Person
Innovative & Technical Leader



Clackamas Community

Oregon City, OR
2000 - 2002

Computer Science Degree

Majored in Computer Science with a minor in Small Business Management.


Related skills



Managed 18-person team spanning 3 communication groups (web development, web content, and e-learning

Adobe Photoshop

Used for web mockups & photo manipulation

Employee Productivity

Oversaw intranet used by 46,000 Safeway employees

Social Business

Developed a social network for 8,000 Safeway employees

Web Based CMS's

Vignette, SharePoint and WordPress expert

Customer Service

Support all content


Extensive knowledge developing front end apps

Open Source

Implemented numerous open source solutions at Safeway

LAMP Development

Used to reduce development costs & increase ROI

Innovation / Creativity

Custom web-based apps, collaborative platforms, and crowdsourcing


Implemented gamification into Safeway's social network

Budget Management

Managed a $1,500,000/yr budget

Jeremy Person

Jeremy Person
Innovative & Technical Leader


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