Def Leppard: Ziggy Stardust

DEF LEPPARD David Bowie Cover Ziggy Stardust Unplugged In A Pub

My favorite band ever. My parents wouldn’t let me buy the tape because of the band’s name (and yes, I’m that old…when there were cassette tapes…no MP3s…no streaming). Since I couldn’t buy it, I went across the street and listened to it at my best friend Rob’s house. I was such a rebel. Oh, and yes we listened to Poison too, I still love me some Poison. Hi Mom…you’re the best. When I bought the CD after “growing up” and was able to listen to whatever I wanted, and I literally played it so many times it stopped working. Every night, after getting off work, I would drive home with that CD in. Oh, and I had a Ford Probe as my second car. Unfortunate name for a car, but I upgraded the speakers, put in a killer amp, and oh it was just amazing. I sometimes miss that car.

A Save For The Cameras: Paper Plate Bean Shakers

02 Paper Plate Bean Shakers

I have two friends named JJ.  The JJ in Phoenix has a band called A Save for the Cameras and he sent over some of his songs tonight.  My favorite is “Paper Plate Bean Shakers” which I’ve embedded above.  I asked him where he got the band name A Save for the Cameras and he said “me and the other guitar player used to always play Fifa together on Playstation and when a guy kicks a ridiculous shot and the keeper blocks it, the announcer says “that was a save for the cameras”.  Help JJ spread the word of his band and I’m sure he would appreciate you letting him know what you think.