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The Ventriloquist

Trigger Street Productions presents Jameson First Shot starring Kevin Spacey – Winner for USA – ‘The Ventriloquist’, written and directed by Benjamin Leavitt.

We Stopped Dreaming

You know you find a good video when it is 11pm and you’re half asleep and within the first minute you are hooked.  You aren’t hooked because it is a “viral video” but because you realize what they are explaining in the video makes some sense and is done with true passion.  I can listen to people explain new concepts to me with passion all day long.  The second video is my favorite if you don’t have time to watch both.

People don’t have passion like this any more.  People don’t get excited for new things like we did.  Maybe we aren’t dreaming big enough.  Don’t stop dreaming.  Love this.

The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave

The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave from David Eckenrode on Vimeo.

There are a few potential challenges with his chosen way of life for me and likely many others, but several times in the video I couldn’t help but say “huh”.  The “huh” sound is what I do, and I’ve found many others do when something we have traditionally thought true is challenged.  As crazy as his way of life may seem to many of us, it may not be so crazy.