I’m Baaack

I left Portland, OR yesterday at 7am and drove for 10 hours straight through (stopped in Medford, OR for gas).  I had a really good time seeing my family again.  I was cleaning up the house but the computer was calling to me.  It is going to be another busy day today so I had better get off this thing.  I’m drinking the Stumptown Hollister Mountain Blend coffee this morning and man is that some good stuff.  I scanned the labels of the coffee I got when I was there (Hair Bender and Hollister Mountain).  I’ve said many times I don’t understand why so many people love Peet’s Coffee.  Don’t get me wrong it is good stuff too but I’d take Starbucks over Peet’s any day.  I also have to admit I have probably bought into the Starbucks marketing.  I can be bought people.  🙂  I tried Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend (see I buy into their little marketing campaigns) and I can’t say I would buy it again.  There, that should stir the coffee pot and get people commenting!  My favorite coffee places in order:

  1. Stumptown
  2. Tully’s
  3. Starbucks
  4. Peet’s
  5. Seattle’s Best

0 thoughts on “I’m Baaack

  • Starbucks?? Sure their coffee is every where, but if you’re looking for something with some punch, then Peet’s is the place to go. (Around here anyhow). 1) Peet’s 2) Tully’s 3) Starbucks

  • I side with Jeremy, Starbucks is better. Pete’s is way too strong! I don’t know about those other brews he listed, but I’m a big fan of the drive through in Pleasanton, over by Jack in the Box…Mr. Bean’s. The remember your name, your favorite drink and strike up friendly conversation. The latte’s are delicious (in my opinion, but I’m no coffee snob.) Glad the trip went well Jeremy! One day I will have to give those other brands a try.

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