Some Random Thoughts About Society

oakland-airport-shuttle-pickupI am flying to Minneapolis, MN this morning. I arrived to the airport on time and learned my flight is delayed.  The airport has free Wi-Fi, so I’m just hanging out being an electrical outlet hog, charging all of my devices before the flight.  I got a Starbucks, and I am people watching.

A Few Observations

A lady with a young daughter was yelling at a ticketing agent because our flight was delayed. Further down at another gate, a mom is yelling at her husband because he can’t control the kids while she watches the overhead television. Earlier, a TSA agent yelled, “make sure and check your pockets and take off your belts…you are going through a metal detector, so it will detect metal.”

Every time I fly, I am reminded by how much society has changed. It sometimes feels like we have let our fears control us. Society has also become more complacent to previously unacceptable social norms. People don’t seem as patient as they used to be.  If we had a time machine and could go back 20 years to tell people in the future you can’t get through airport security with ChapStick in your pocket, people would laugh, right?  Despite these things often being everyday norms, why are most of us complacent to them?

Summary & Takeaway

In 1984 Twisted Sister sang, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.  More than 20 years later, not only are we taking it, we seem happy to be happy to do so.  Long live the 80s.

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