Target Corporate Headquarters Tour


Stromberg Consulting Presentation

  • Target and Best Buy are using Stromberg Consulting to help with their branding strategy
  • Brand + Reputation + Perception = Today’s Reality
  • Employees, customers, and stakeholders are all seeking much more transparency in the relationships that they have with companies.
  • Branding
    • Good brand = promise
    • Great brand = promise kept
  • From the moment we are born we are all in networks.    Some of us even find love through our networks.   Stories travel the world in minutes through our networks.    People play different roles in networks.    Using networks to change our professional lives.
  • Referred to Tipping Point book
  • Find out who the hubs of information are in an organization…who are people going to in order to get answers?
  • Asked employees what channels they find most effective to receive communications which ended up being email, managers, and employee toolkit (portal).
    • They then did a cost analysis of each communication channel
  • Drivers of Engagement
    • Team connections
    • Senior Leadership
    • Quality of work
    • Growth and Opportunity
    • External reputation
    • Assesses “a day in the life” of someone and understands hour by hour what spends a day getting fully immersed with the employees.

    Leadership Visibility

    • Has your CEO directly addressed how you’re tackling the economic environment?
    • Have you increased leader visibility in the face of uncertain times?
    • Have you considered a “back to the floor” program?
    • Is there a mechanism for two-way dialog with senior leaders?
    • Have you considered setting a leader’s specific communication targets?
    • Employees are more apt to form/join a union if the relationship with their manager is failing.
    • Measuring seat time vs. productivity (social media)

    Mike Brown – Director, Marketing Planning at Target

    • Target is a “destination for trendsetters”
    • Values mounted on the wall in the highest traffic area of the headquarters
    • To be the best company ever for our guests, team members, and shareholders
    • Want their team members to know the vision, then act on it
    • Want their employees to be fast, fun, & friendly
    • Want to find a leader in everyone
    • Speed is life (we want to know what our guests want before they do)
    • Advance our reputation
    • Recognition
      • Great team cards (peer to peer cards)
      • Use real estate (artwork and digital signage) to remind them of the brand throughout the campus
      • Bullseye boutique (employee store)
      • Doing a dog (Bullseye) dress-up contest for employees for their plush dogs
    • Able to attract most affluent and highest educated customers
    • Target has planograms for Store Manager’s offices so if a Store Manager leaves the next Store Manager can jump in and find things
    • They call their employees “team members”
    • They call their customers “guests”
    • Word of Mouth Marketing Organization (educates employees about social media guidelines)

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