Safeway Bring Your Child to Work Day 2009

I volunteered for Bring Your Child to Work Day this year and had fun watching the kids yesterday.  Ironically I think they taught me more than I taught them.  Our group had three volunteers for about 60 kids but they were surprisingly well behaved.  I had two bathroom runs, rescued a girl who lost her shoe in a race, and had to separate a battle for a wristband but we didn’t lose anyone so I considered it a success.  🙂

Cathy from Energy Operations was there to teach the kids about renewable energy.  For some reason my camera couldn’t focus very well with the bright window behind her but it is still watchable.  I loved watching the kids perk right up when she mentioned candy for getting the answers right.  She was vying against cartoons for their attention but candy prevails.

Eric the Magician (Eric Tate) was there to entertain the kids and it was fun to watch how skeptical they were of “magic”.


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